Growing the Pacific
Islands region through
Research & Innovation

You’ve found the Pacific Agribusiness Research in Development Initiative, promoting thriving sustainable livelihoods for Pacific Islanders through agribusiness research and development, collaboration, capacity building and extension.

Our Story

Why the need for agribusiness research? It’s all about growing thriving, sustainable livelihoods and more robust Pacific Islands economies.

Our Pillars

The project is built upon four pillars, key objectives designed to  support our overarching goal.

Our Journal

Discover agribusiness news, case studies and resources, articles exploring the value chain from farm to market across key Pacific Islands agricultural, fisheries and forest products.

Now Available!

Have an agribusiness? Want to see how attracting visitors and tourists to your farm may improve your agribusiness product?  Have an existing agritourism experience and want to improve it? Check out presentations and materials from our recent AgriTourism Experiences Talanoa!

Is Your Agribusiness Tapping The Tourism Market?

With experiential & agricultural tourism growing globally,  travelers connecting with holiday destinations in more culturally immersive ways, we’re scoping the landscape. Are you offering agricultural experiences as tourism products? Are you in Fiji, Vanuatu or Tonga? We’d love to include your voice in our AgriTourism Experiences Survey! Findings will inform future targeted research to support the development of this emerging sector. 

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