Agribusiness an an integral element of agriculture research

We believe that agribusiness needs to be properly integrated into agricultural research which is why we're collaborating with active Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research projects in the region to support our approach.

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research is a key partner driving agricultural research in the Pacific.

Our project, phase 2 of the Pacific Research in Development Initiative, has a specific focus on promoting an agribusiness approach to agricultural research. In order to achieve this, our team of researchers contributing from across a consortium of partners, have been working with other Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research project staff to help design new projects, review existing projects and generally strengthen the agribusiness link. This connection between projects covers areas such honey, livestock, sandalwood, and tropical fruits.

As a first step, we have developed an agribusiness assessment tool which is currently being piloted on new and existing projects. Findings will help assess the overall viability of an investment including commercial, social, and environmental sustainability.

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