Improving Farmer-Buyer Linkages for Fiji Northern Beekeepers Associations

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Focused on better understanding and improving the relationship between farmers and buyers, helping industries grow, we're piloting innovative approaches to producing of greater volumes of consistently, high-quality honey.

Increasingly it is not enough to just teach farmers how to produce a product, they need support to be able to market their product and grow business relationships with their buyers and other stakeholders.

Together with our partner Southern Cross University¬†[Prof.David Lloyd], we’re collaborating with Fiji’s Northern Beekeepers Association and Taveuni Beekeepers Association to pilot innovative approaches to production of greater volumes of consistently, high-quality honey.

This includes a range of tools and innovations, as well as the development and assessment of new participant guaranteed systems [PGS].

We’ll monitor and document the impact of these interventions to provide insights into the most appropriate tools to strengthen farmer-buyer relationships.

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