Four pillars supporting a single goal.

The Pacific Agribusiness Research and Development Initiative 2 is built upon four pillars, key objectives designed to  support an overarching goal – we’re here to identify and understand how agribusiness development opportunities can contribute to improved economic growth and livelihoods in the Pacific Islands. 

Integral to our ethos is collaboration, ensuring our research underpins and builds existing projects within the agribusiness space. 

This complementary approach hones our focus, adds value and enables future research and development is more effective.

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Develop tools and knowledge for identifying successful and inclusive agribusiness development opportunities.

We’re researching, identifying and documenting the critical factors that help agribusinesses succeed, a means to generate thriving sustainable livelihoods. Aligned to this overarching goal, we’ll be adapting indicators and frameworks that will help guide and prioritise future agribusiness development in a direction that yields strong improvements for Pacific Islands communities.


Identify market and value chain constraints, opportunities and solutions for selected Pacific products.

For selected priority Pacific Islands products, we’re holistically exploring the journey from farm yard to marketplace, identifying opportunities, bottlenecks and constraints. Once gaps are identified, we’ll be offering targeted value chain and market research support, solutions that help bolster the chain and ease access.


Evaluate the effectiveness of participatory guarantee systems for improving value chain linkages and performance for emerging market opportunities.

We’re in the field, engaging with smallholders, local farmer organisations and women’s groups in demonstration participatory guarantee systems chains (PGS). Sporting the hypothesis that PGS expedites market access and yields tangible benefits, we’ll be facilitating and documenting a participatory experiential learning approach. Findings will help inform and evaluate the effectiveness of PGS, assessing whether this model improves value chain linkages and help access to emerging market opportunities.


Implement and evaluate approaches for increasing agribusiness information availability, communication and research capacity.

In an effort to inform and catalyse agribusiness development, we’re compiling crucial business information including compendiums for select priority crops and products. As resources are disseminated through a variety of channels, we’ll be reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of online platforms such social media and websites. And as we identify gaps in agribusiness capacity, as well as the sector scope for research and development, we’ll be rolling short, sweet and yet effective capacity building initiatives such as in-country workshops and Agribusiness Master Classes.

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